For many years, I’ve had this photo in my mind. I was just waiting to find a place with the right magic atmosphere, and to find that right feeling. Finally, I did. ”The Enchantment”, or ”Förtrollningen” in swedish, is the result of all that I have dreamed and wished for. It is inspired by the great swedish illustrator John Bauer (1882-1918) and his magic work. Since I was a child he gave me a key into another world, and now I hope to give him something back, as a thanks for showing me the magic in life. Taking this photo has a long story behind it, and I wrote all about it in a blogpost. You can see the full photo and read about it here : http://ift.tt/1QhY81r #johnbauer #tuvstarr #swedishmoments #visitsweden #ig_masterpiece #bleachmyfilm #musephoto #featuremeofh #instagood #folkvibe Bilden tagen av @jonnajinton

Bilden tagen av @jonnajinton Bilden på Instagram: ift.tt/1SQZGNN