(6/7) Part 6: The frozen lake is the newest obstacle in our winter adventure. Obviously it was way too dangerous to walk on the frozen lake. The ice was only an inch thick. We certainly weren’t wiling to call for help just yet. So we opted for paddling the canoes through the ice. Luckily in some parts the ice was thinner so it was easy to break through but we spent a long time breaking ice with paddles and axes so the canoe could float through. I had never seen a lake freeze over night, it was something to behold. Now that we had freed ourselves from the island, broken the ice, and land on the shore, the task was to get the canoes 1 mile up a hill to the cars. We didn’t make it…. Bilden tagen av @morganphillips

Bilden tagen av @morganphillips Bilden på Instagram: ift.tt/1Zk3eiT